Update 2021

With effect from September 2021, I regret to say that, due to health issues, I’m no longer taking bookings to give talks or lead workshops in future.

At the point of the first Covid lockdown, I had two bookings which were put ‘on hold’ and if you are following up one of those, I will endeavour to fulfil that booking for your group/region.

However, if you have any enquiries arising from one of my books, I remain happy to do my best to answer them. Please use the form below to email me – thank you.

My book Making Kimono & Japanese Clothes has become available as an e-book but as far as I know all other titles are out of print and would need to be found as second-hand copies, if you were seeking one of those.

The Gallery of quilts remains available for you to view some of my work, should you be interested.

If you are searching for me connected with genealogy research/DNA matches, you can send an email to me via ancestry’s messaging service, or again use the form below.