60th Birthday Quilts

It was a total surprise to receive these little quilts on my 60th birthday! With a birthday in January, my friends decided it was impossible to make a group quilt in time, so the suggestion came that each person could make a small quilt finishing to the size of a plastic cutting ruler (24 x 6in or 18 x 6in). I hope you enjoy looking at all the different ideas & techniques as much as I do.

In January 2007 when I reached my 60th birthday, I was stunned and delighted to receive a collection of little quilts from many of my quilting friends. The form of the project was to make a quilt the size & shape of a plastic cutting ruler – as you will see, some people had 24″ & some 18″ rulers! A member of the group had been involved with a similar project elsewhere. This proved to be a good idea allowing everyone freedom to use design ideas and techniques without concern over whether the final works would sit well together.

It was suggested that they would be useful (as well as decorative) when I go on teaching or speaking trips to illustrate various techniques & indeed have so far received a very warm reception everywhere they have been shown. In case you are wondering, there is a perfect space between two doors in my home where I can hang them, one at a time. It is fun to switch them about to suit my mood or the season.

Everyone who contributed to this collection has chosen colours or themes that they thought would appeal to me but I can also see something of themselves in there too. Please visit the Gallery, Sixtieth Birthday Quilts to enjoy them for yourself!