Wonderful Waves

Experiment with Marilyn Stothers’ simple wavy seam construction to make a new and dynamic re-interpretation of traditional patchwork. Whilst not a high-speed technique, the concept requires only limited use of templates and doesn’t demand high levels of accuracy making it both fun and ideal for ‘improvers’ of all levels.

Begin with the basic method for cutting wavy seams that will fit together perfectly for sewing, and see how this adds a subtle new quality to backgrounds and border areas. Next apply this method to traditional pieced block designs, lending them a windswept look, then see how dynamic your work can become when the concept is used to work whole blocks, and during quilt assembly.

Sashiko Taster

A Sashiko taster experience, all handsewing on the day!

Recently devised in response to a group’s request, this project-based class can be either a half-day (with more to finish off at home by yourselves) or a whole day. If the latter, during the afternoon while you sew, I will show and explain the samples from my lecture ‘The Alternative Uses of Sashiko’.

Personalising Fabrics

As taught at QUILT EXPO EUROPA III, The Hague.

Learn how to use salvaged materials (fabric chips, threads etc.) to add your own unique colour and scale of pattern to any background fabric. When you can’t buy what you want, or can’t match difficult fabrics, this method provides the answer. Students will make experimental samples.

New Image Applique

Inspired by the work of Spanish architect, Anton Gaudi, this workshop offers a fun way to use flawed printed panels, to explore the effect of fragmentation upon printed designs or to experiment with dislocated block designs. After a practice with paper, students will work directly with their own panel using fusible web.


Quite a number of well-known quilters have chosen to use the form of a kimono, either in its actual wearable state or in a simpler two-dimensional format, as a canvas upon which to experiment and display their design ideas. Particularly if you like to piece or applique but find quilting tedious, you may find the kimono a satisfying canvas for design ideas. It may or may not be lined and either way makes a good dressing-gown or leisurewear.

The workshop, offered as a one- or two-day booking, covers basic cutting and construction plus some insight into Japanese designs and customs.

All Tied Up

Jenni’s quilt ‘Pyrotechnics’ led her into a re-assessment about the potential of tying quilts. Not just a quick way to hold the layers together, ties can accumulate into an inviting and textural additional layer of design possibilities. Students will work a sample / samples.

A Sweet And Simple Hanging

Inspired by the fabrics and style of “Sweet and Simple Country Quilts”, this workshop uses really speedy techniques to create small wall hangings suitable for gift-giving. Not every quilt you make has to be an heirloom – these projects will be fun!

A Christmas Tree-t!

A Christmas Tree wallhanging made with strips of crazy patchwork so the size can easily be adapted to suit your personal needs. In the morning, we’ll draft the tree and begin crazy piecing strips onto which in the afternoon you’ll be adding either hand or machine embroidery. It’s a great way to test whether you like this technique if you never tried it before.

Book this workshop for any time of the year and start making Christmas gifts early!